Planning and Allocation

Planning and Allocation

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Transportation Needs Assessment 2010

A Directory of Title III Funded Services

Title III of the Older Americans Act provides federal funding to Coastline Elderly Service, Inc. to support the regional development of community programs for the elderly.  Title III programs address a wide range of services directed toward those elders and caregivers with the greatest social and economic needs.

  • Strong Women, Strong Bones Acushnet Council on Aging: Improve participant’s strength, flexibility and posture, which in turn will help with balance, coordination, and risk of falls
  • Art Therapy Inspirational Art for Seniors City of New Bedford: Brooklawn Park: Helping older Americans who may have physical and mental impairments to focus on their artistic ability (508) 991-6168
  • Regional Senior Scope City of New Bedford: The regional newspaper promoting elder empowerment and informed self-advocacy.  (508) 979-1510
  • Transportation City of New Bedford: NB Council on Aging provides medical local and long distance, personal and shopping transportation to elders. (508) 991-6250
  • Medical, Social & Recreational Transportation and Escort Services for Elders Community Connections, Inc.: Provides transportation and escort services to elders for medical appointments, and social and recreational activities. (508) 990-8194
  • Memory Impairment Caregiver Program & Support Group Community Nurse & Hospice Care:  Interventions combine individual or family consultation, support group and ongoing assistance to help dementia caregivers manage changes that occur as the disease progresses.
  • Activities Coordinator Dartmouth Council on Aging: This program focuses on improving health, socialization, and self esteem.  Program includes a monthly hair cutting program, a walking club, and special trip events to elders 60 years and older. (508) 999-4717
  • Caregiver Social Day Programs Dartmouth Social Day – 508-991-6018 Fairhaven Social Day – 508-979-4029: Will provide social day activities to elders to allow caregivers time off.
  • Health for Our Community Gosnold Council on Aging: Provides health information and education to ensure elders are aware of available resources. (508) 990-7408
  • Adult Day Health Respite Greater N.B. Adult Day Health Care Center, Inc. d/b/a Project Independence: Provides respite relief by offering Adult Day Services to Caregivers.( 508) 997-1441
  • Access/Advocacy for non-English Speaking Elders & Caregivers Immigrants Assistance Center, Inc.: Escort and advocacy assistance for non-English speaking elders.(508) 996-8113
  • Understanding the Importance of Good Mental Health Massachusetts Association of Older Americans: Expanding the mental health knowledge of caregivers and seniors 60 years of age or older.  (617) 426-0804
  • Outreach Program Mattapoisett Council on Aging: Provides access to supportive services that help to foster independence and maintain quality of life to Mattapoisett residents aged 60 and older. (508) 758-4110
  • Expansion of Transportation Services M.O. L.I.F.E., Inc.: Provides medical transportation, both local and long distance to elders and their caregivers. (508) 992-5978
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren People Acting in Community Endeavors (PACE): Ensuring that grandparents are provided with additional assistance regarding benefits such as health insurance, social services and parental rights while caring for the needs of their grandchildren. (508) 996-0168
  • Senior Energy Program People Acting in Community Endeavors (PACE): Emergency assistance for low-income elders facing energy-related crises. (508) 999-9920
  • Stepping and Stretching Exercise Program Rochester Council on Aging: Provides seniors with a strengthening program to allow them to maintain their independence through exercise (508) 763-8723
  • Senior Law Project South Coastal Counties Legal Services, Inc.: Comprehensive legal services with priority to housing medical, social security and protective issues. (508) 997-9781
  • Visiting Dental Hygienist No cost dental care to those who qualify.  Will assist with cleaning, screenings, exams, fluoride treatments and education.  Will provide home visits.
  • Elder Psychiatric Initiative Steward St. Anne’s Hospital/Center for Behavioral Medicine: Mental health assessment and referral project which provides education and refer elders for psychiatric treatment. (508)674-7000
  • ENCORE Plus YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts: Provides breast and cervical health outreach and education and referral for clinical breast exams, papa tests, and pelvic exams (508)999-3255
  • Widowed Persons Service YWCA of Southeastern, MA: Provides newly widowed elderly individual with one-on-one emotional support, resource and referral, with a mutual self-help program. (508) 999-3255