Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is a vital link between Coastline Elderly Services, Inc. and the communities we serve. The Advisory Council provides crucial input regarding the particular needs and priorities of the communities and populations they represent.

Our advisory council:

  • provides proportional representation of older persons, minorities and other groups with particular concerns, serving as the eyes and ears of their communities;
  • keeps up with regional and national demographic trends, demonstration project and other innovations in aging-service delivery that may be beneficial to both Coastline Elderly Services, Inc. and the aging population they represent;
  • assists with the development and administration of Coastline elderly Services strategic and operational pans; and
  • provide input on the initiation of new programs and services and.or the phasing out of non-productive practices.

Coastline Elderly Services, Inc. – Advisory Council members:

Ann Marie Askew
Ivan Brito
Helena DaSilva-Hughes
Delia DeMello
John Gonsalves – Secretary
Gordon Helme – Vice-Chair
Glenda Izaguirre
Louann Jenkinson
Reverend David Lima
Connie Mayer
Maria Reina
Andrew Revell
George Smith – Chair
Lois Spirlet
Heather Sylvia