Through this program the Options Counselor can meet with you, listen to your personal situation, and provide you with options for current or future needs.  There are no financial guidelines for this program.  Our Options Counselors can meet with you in your home, a loved one’s home, at the hospital, in a nursing home/rehab or at Coastline’s office.

The Options Counselors will help you navigate long-term care support options, Home Care services, Health Insurance coverage, potential home modifications, financial planning and other community resources.  If this program sounds like it could benefit you, please feel free to call our Information & Referral Department at 508-999-6400.


Coastline does not deny delivery of service
to any person on the basis of age, color, religion, gender,
national origin, ancestry, physical/mental handicaps,
and sexual preference, who otherwise meets the eligibility criteria
for the respective programs.