Money Management Program

The Money Management Program was developed to assist low income older adults who have difficulty writing checks, balancing their check books and managing their money. Some of these older adults may be homebound, visually impaired, confused and without family nearby to help.

The service helps older adults who might be at risk of losing their independence due to their inability to pay basic rent, food and utility bills on time.

The purpose of the Money Management Program is to promote independent living for persons on a limited income who are at risk because of their inability to manage their financial affairs and who do not have friends or relatives able to help.

The Money Management Program Services Offered

A trained, insured, supervised volunteer is carefully matched one-on-one with an older adult needing assistance. The volunteer goes to the person’s home at least monthly to help keep track of income and expenses. Two levels of assistance are available:  bill payer and representative payee.

Bill Payer

This service assists older adults by developing a budget, writing checks and balancing their checkbook. Program clients make all their own decisions and sign their checks.

Representative Payee

This service helps older adults who are not able to manage their own finances. Coastline applies to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which includes a client’s agreement form and physician’s statement validating the client’s need. Once approved by SSA, a rep payee account is opened in the client’s name and the agency writes and signs checks from this account to pay the client’s bills. This is a fee for service program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 60 or older
  • Must meet income and asset guidelines
  • Must have a checking account

Older Adults in Need May Be:

  • Homebound, visually impaired, disabled or confused
  • Without family nearby
  • At risk of losing their independence due to their inability to pay bills on time