Looking to reset your New Year in a meaningful way?

Join the Marion Institute’s third annual 21-Day Reset and discover how basic life-style changes can bring you into alignment with the “Natural Laws to Live By” and closer to personal wellbeing.

The air, water, soil, and sun have been our constant companions since the dawn of mankind. We cannot exist without them. Yet with the relatively sudden onset of omnipresent industry, inescapable technology, and the seemingly endless deluge of modern dietary conveniences, we have become more like distant relatives of Earth’s primary elements. This separation has led us to become a society with more illnesses to manage, than wellness to enjoy!

But how do we return to a more natural state in order to bring about lasting balance and health?

The start of the new year is a great time to introduce small changes to your daily routine that can lead to significant improvements in overall health and immune function.

By registering for the Marion Institute’s free 21-Day Reset program, you’ll receive one email per day highlighting a particular natural health practice such as breathing techniques, sleep hygiene, and grounding. Each email will be brimming with helpful information, valuable resources, and inspiration specially curated for their ease and useful-ness to create balance, health, and harmony throughout the entire year!

The Reset works best without any pressure to do everything all at once. We suggest you review or save the daily emails and spend some time reflecting on which habits resonate with you the most. Then, you can begin to incorporate the one or two prac-tices into your daily self-care regime until they become habit. In other words, don’t try to incorporate all 21 practices right away – that would be stressful and defeat the purpose. Rather, use the emails and the Reset as your key for a healthy year in 2024 and beyond.

The Marion Institute is a non-profit organization whose programs advance a culture of health through food equity. Our newest initia-tive, Frogfoot Farm – Neighbors Feeding Neighbors is a farm-to-food relief program that will grow and harvest fresh produce for area food relief programs. The six-acre farm located on the Wareham/Plymouth line will both grow food and operate as a base to train volunteers (aka Gleaners) who will harvest crops from area farmers – with all produce delivered to local food pantries or commercial kitchens to be made into prepared meals for food-insecure individuals and families. All farming activities will begin in 2024.

We invite you to learn more about our work online at www.MarionInstitute.org. To register for the 21-Day Reset, go to https://www.marioninstitute.org/programs/biomed-network/21-day-reset-2024-biomed/

Guest New Bedford Wellness columnist Liz Wiley is the director of the Marion Institute in Marion.