Are you a caregiver?

November is National Family Caregiver month and Coastline is highlighting the services and information it offers to help caregivers in their important roles.

Caregivers include:

  • Anyone 18-years-old or older who cares for a family member, friend or neighbor who is 60-years-old or older; 
  • Anyone who provides care to an individual of any age with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or a related diagnosis; or, 
  • A grandparent who is 55 years or older and is a legal primary caregiver for a grandchild 18-years or younger, or an adult with disabilities.

If you meet any of these descriptions, it’s important to know you don’t have to do everything on your own. Coastline’s Family Caregiver Program is intended to support and promote the ability of caregivers to maintain their caregiving roles and can provide you with some assistance. 

The program provides several services including:

  • One-on-one individual counseling;
  • One-time respite care; 
  • Referrals to community options for the caregiver; and,
  • Caregiver support groups and follow-up.

The goal of the program is to equip caregivers to make informed decisions, solve problems, reduce stress and maintain overall physical and emotional health. 

If the Caregiver program can support you as a caregiver, or you have questions, please contact Coastline’s Intake and Referral Department at 508-999-6400. We are happy to walk you through the services available and help you learn more about the program and how we can support you.