Fact: Chinese food is delicious.
Fact: Chinese food isn’t always a healthy option.
Fact: Every recipe can be made healthier without sacrificing flavor!

Coastlines Executive Assistant, Jessica Peck, helps prepare fried rice with a surprising ingredient and loaded with vegetables. The rice is replaced with finely chopped cauliflower, a great source of fiber and several vitamins and minerals. The cauliflower is then sautéed with heart healthy sesame oil, garlic, scallions, and egg to create an irresistible and satisfying healthier ‘fried rice’. When making this recipe at home don’t be afraid to play around and add different kinds of vegetables or even add chicken or shrimp to the mix! Dessert is just as delectable with a tropical banana recipe.

Simply toss sliced bananas with coconut, honey, lime zest, and nuts and enjoy! These recipes are perfect for sneaking in some extra fruits and veggies.