Coastline Elderly Services received $12,500 in grant funding from the Office of Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III, to assist the Money Management Program.

The program was developed to help low-income elders who have difficulty writing checks, balancing their checkbooks and managing their money. Some of these elders may be homebound, visually impaired, confused, and without family nearby to help.

September also marks 31 years that the Massachusetts Money Management Program (MMMP) has been helping adults over 60, and adults living with a disability maintain their independence throughout the Commonwealth. The MMMP is a free, volunteer-supported program that is vital to those it serves.

According to CEO Justin Lees, “without the program, many individuals would face food insecurity, financial exploitation, eviction, and premature institutionalization.”

The mission of the Massachusetts Money Management Program is to promote and prolong independent living for income eligible individuals over 60 who are at risk because of their inability to manage their own finances.

To learn more about the program or how one can become a money management volunteer, contact Natacha Salemme at 508-742-9113.