Coastline will host free computer classes designed specifically for seniors who want a better understanding of technology and to learn how to use their devices or connect with family and friends virtually. Classes will be led by teacher Kraig Perry and will be held from March 2022 through May 2024.

Each class will be limited to 10 students and will be two-hours long. They will meet once a week for 6 weeks, covering topics such as the basic operations of a computer, the internet, email, Zoom, social media, etc.

Dates and times are still being determined, but if you’re interested in learning more or deepening your understanding of technology, please sign up now. To register, contact your local Council on Aging director to fill out an intake form, or reach out to Zach Boyer, Coastline Assistant Planning Director at 508-742-9161.

These classes are on a first come, first serve basis; so please sign up today!