Coastline has been following the latest developments regarding COVID-19,  and we have important updates to share with you as this situation develops.

Below are some important updates from Coastline. Be sure to read our post about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by clicking here. Read our post about COVID-19-related scams by clicking here.


Daily operations
Coastline will continue daily operations, and we will take necessary precautions to maintain the well-being of our community. As we monitor the situation, Coastline has been in regular contact with state officials, including the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Department of Public Health, to ensure that we follow recommended best practices. The safety of our community, which includes our staff, our volunteers, and our neighbors, remains our top priority.

In most instances, our staff will be communicating with your over the phone. Please call Coastline at 508-999-6400 for assistance.


Mass 211 is available for questions & to schedule a vaccine appointment
The state’s 24/7 helpline, Mass 211, is taking inquiries about COVID-19 and helping residents book appointments for the vaccine and booster shots. The helpline can provide guidance for callers who suspect they have contracted or come in contact with the virus. Dial 2-1-1 to reach the helpline.

Click here to for information about the vaccine or to preregister for the vaccine

For general information about the COVID-19 vaccine, visit the CDC’s website. Topics include: the benefits of the vaccine and what to expect at your vaccination appointment.

Learn more about Massachusetts’ vaccine plan by clicking here. For more detailed information about when you can receive the vaccine, visit the state’s vaccine distribution timeline by clicking here.


In-Home Vaccinations
Call the In-Home Vaccination Central Intake Line at 833-983-0485. The line is available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


COVID-19 Testing
The state is offering free testing in select communities around the state. You can find the complete, most up-to-date schedule by clicking here to visit the state’s “Stop the Spread” website.

Click here for more general information about testing, including who should be tested.


Contract Tracing
The MA COVID Team and local boards of health are working together on a contact tracing program to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. If you tested positive for COVID-19, you will receive a phone call from the MA COVID TEAM. The area codes will either be: 833 or 857. It is important to ANSWER THE CALL. Answering the call helps everyone in our communities – someone else may be depending on your important input.

During the phone call a Case Investigator will ask you for a list of all the people and places you were within 6 feet of during the 48 hours prior to your symptoms. For those who do not have symptoms, include all contacts 48 hours prior to your diagnosis. The Case Investigator will also ask for the phone numbers of any people you identify so that they can be reached and notified about their exposure. The state will not share your personal information. The MA COVID Team will call your contacts and tell them they have been exposed to COVID-19 so they can get tested but will not release your name.


Visit these websites for updates
To stay up-to-date on developments from the state, visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s website here:

To learn more about COVID-19, including more advice on how to protect yourself from infection, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website here:

The World Health Organization also maintains a COVID-19 website at:


Other Resources
The Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing have released a tool for communicating about COVID-19. The tool can help health care professionals and deaf and hard of hearing individuals communicate better during medical appointments. You can view the communication tool by clicking here.


In the news
Learn more about Coastline’s ongoing response to COVID-19 by viewing the media coverage below.


Stay tuned for updates
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