Coastline’s Home Care Manager Brittany Botelho was recently featured on an episode of “Wellness Wednesday,” a project of Help and Hope Southcoast. The show is part of an ongoing effort to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and to connect the public to resources throughout the community.

[Watch the episode by clicking here.]

This episode of “Wellness Wednesday” delves into some of the issues older adults have experienced during the pandemic. The conversation focuses on the ways that social isolation and loneliness can impact a person’s overall well-being.

“There is no shame in needing help,” Botelho said during the program. “You are important. You are a part of our community. We are only as well as everyone around us in our community.”

The Help and Hope Southcoast campaign kicked off in the summer of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A group of professionals representing more than two dozen local organizations have been regularly taking part, including representatives from Coastline. The group launched a website to direct the public to programs and services throughout southern Massachusetts, and the project has expanded to include a thoughtful blog covering numerous mental health topics and “Wellness Wednesday,” a show produced in partnership with Dartmouth Community Media (DCTV).

Help and Hope Southcoast has previously featured Brittany Botelho’s work as part of its ongoing “Meet a local hero” feature and has graciously shared content from Coastline’s monthly publication, Senior Scope, through its blog.

For more information on Help and Hope Southcoast, see the links below:

To learn more about Coastline, including mental health resources for older adults in the Greater New Bedford region, call 508-999-6400.