Right before Christmas, our dietitian Kim presented three healthy appetizers, on Coastline Cooks, that are perfect for holiday parties. Even though we are now past the holidays, these three appetizers are still a great addition to any party, or for pre-dinner noshing; they’re light, healthy, and easy to make.

The first appetizer is a Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip courtesy of chef Ellie Krieger. Spinach and artichokes are both great antioxidant-filled vegetables, and in this lighter recipe, they are not drowned in heavy cream and cheese, so you can enjoy this tasty appetizer and not feel guilty.

Another quick and light recipe, that is great year-round, is the Dried-Cranberry Spread, found on Epicurious.com. Again, instead of heavy, fatty ingredients, the dried cranberry spread uses healthier alternatives, but still packs great flavor.

Kim’s last recipe, Wrap ‘n Stack Sandwiches found in Family Fun Magazine, is a great lunchtime recipe to make with your children or grandchildren. They will have fun putting the sandwiches together and undoubtedly enjoy eating them too! This is also a great, easy-to-make appetizer to bring to any party. Feel free to switch up the turkey for ham and the cranberry sauce for mustard or roasted red peppers, or any of your favorite sandwich ingredients.