Miss Debbie (seated) prepares to read a book during a recording of “Foster Grandparent Program Storytime,” a new project between Dartmouth Community Media (DCTV) and Coastline. Pictured: (left, standing) Mike Fernandes from DCTV and (center, standing) Jacqueline Medeiros, Coastline’s Foster Grandparent Program Director.


With classrooms around the South Coast starting remotely or with limits on who or how many students can enter the schools, Coastline’s Foster Grandparent Program volunteers will be spending the start of this school year supporting students from afar, whether they’re assembling learning materials, writing letters or joining them online through virtual classrooms.

Starting this fall, Coastline and Dartmouth Community Media (DCTV) have launched a new project called “Foster Grandparent Program Storytime.” DCTV has recorded the volunteers reading picture books at the Dartmouth Council on Aging, and the resulting shows will be available in classrooms throughout the South Coast where FGP volunteers are stationed. We have produced more than three dozen episodes so far and plan to film more.

Due to copyright restrictions, these episodes will only be shown in classrooms. However, we were given permission to share the first episode with you over YouTube!

The debut of FGP Storytime stars Foster Grandparent volunteer Debbie, a.k.a. Miss Debbie, as she reads “Why Did the Whole World Stop?: Talking with Kids About COVID-19” by Heather Black. The book explores the ongoing pandemic and provides helpful tips for kids. (View the episode below.)

A huge thank you to our talented FGP volunteers, the Dartmouth Council on Aging, and DCTV for making this project possible. Click here to visit DCTV’s website to find out more about their programming.

DCTV also produces the Coastline show “Cooking Healthy with Coastline,” which you can view by clicking here.


The Corporation for National and Community Service Rebrands

For years the Foster Grandparent Program has operated under the Corporation for National and Community Service. That changed this fall when the program rebranded itself to better engage the public. The Foster Grandparent Program is now part of AmeriCorps Seniors.

While the new branding doesn’t change the mission, program, or general operations of the Foster Grandparent Program, it will raise awareness about opportunities to serve and elevate service at a time of growing need and demand. The Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and RSVP programs that previously utilized the Senior Corps name will be promoted under the banner of AmeriCorps Seniors.

For more than 35 years, Coastline has managed the Foster Grandparent Program throughout classrooms in the South Coast. For more information, visit our FGP website by clicking here.