What are Options Counseling services?

Options Counseling is a free program that guides adults age 60 and older, families and caregivers through resources that can help them remain in the community. An Options Counselor will work with you to meet your individualized goals, including your present or future planning needs. They can provide counseling to you, whether you’re currently at home, in the community, or in a hospital or facility setting.

The program is part of the Aging and Disability Consortium of Southeast Massachusetts (ADRC), which partners with Independent Living Centers to assist people with disabilities of any age, and can assist with connecting you with a local partner to receive Options Counseling Services.


What will the Options Counselor do?
The Options Counselor may assist with setting up services that may be available to you through Coastline or provide you with local resources. The Options Counselor will follow-up to ensure that you have been connected with resources, to make referrals if needed, and ensure that no further needs have been identified prior to closing the referral.

Below are a few examples of what an Options Counselor may assist you with:

  • They may provide you with information regarding what funding may be available to provide resources.
  • They may provide you with resources for assistive devices or supports to assist you in the community.
  • They can connect consumers who are looking to leave a facility with homecare services through Coastline, such as home-delivered meals, homemaking, or personal care.
  • They can provide resources to families, including local Shine Counselors to assist with completions of applications for Mass Health or lists of Assisted Living Facilities.


How do I make a referral for services?
A referral can be made through Coastline’s Information and Referral Department at 508-999-6400.

The Information and Referral Specialist will take some information down, such as contact information, and place a referral to the Options Program. You will then be contacted by an Options Counselor.