For weeks, a nationwide protest movement has called for systemic change and an end to the racial injustice that has long permeated through American society.

Coastline recognizes this endemic inequality, including the ways in which it leads to health and economic disparities for our consumers and for citizens throughout the country. Since its inception 40 years ago, Coastline has advocated for the well-being of older adults and individuals with disabilities in our community, and the events of this past year have reinforced the importance of working toward a more equitable world.

As we turn to the weeks and months ahead, Coastline remains committed to the fair and equal treatment of our consumers, employees, volunteers, and partners. We are proud of our diverse workforce, which reflects the community we work for and are a part of, and we will continue to train and educate our staff to better serve our neighbors.

To the citizens of the South Coast and beyond, we grieve with you, we hear your voices, and we wish to learn from you.


Paula Shiner
Chief Executive Officer of Coastline