Part of our mission at Coastline is to support our community as best we can. While the past two months have been undoubtedly challenging, Coastline has managed to do just that. The vast majority of our programs and services have continued unabated, and that’s in large part due to the dedication and adaptability of our staff, our volunteers, and our frequent supporters.

However, even in the early days of this crisis, it became clear that the Coastline community wasn’t the only group concerned for our neighbors. Numerous agencies and members of the public reached out, wondering how they could pitch in. It was something of a role reversal: our community was eager to support us.

We received offers through our website, social media, emails, and text messages. People began asking how they could contribute their time or supplies or make monetary donations.

I wanted to take a moment to ensure that these contributions are recognized because, not only has this additional support gone a long way to help our consumers, it has been extraordinary and humbling to see so many people driven to help others during this national crisis.

We have received numerous donations of personal protective equipment, including medical masks, hand sanitizer, hand-sewn masks assembled on kitchen tables, and plastic face shields produced from 3D printers. Numerous outside organizations now support our Meals on Wheels program, joining us as temporary drivers. Our nutrition staff has worked hard to make sure these new drivers are prepared to deliver in the morning.

Those who regularly take part in Coastline’s volunteer-driven programs have found inventive ways to continue their work. Schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year, yet many of the Foster Grandparent volunteers keep in touch with students, whether through Zoom or through handwritten letters.

I am grateful to see all these displays of support for our consumers and the work that we do at Coastline. To all of those who recently joined our team, and to those volunteers who continue to help others in our neighborhoods, thank you for reaching out, for contributing your talents and time, and for believing in our mission.


Paula Shiner
Chief Executive Officer of Coastline